Testimonials to Shanti Desai


Respected Shantibhai,

My name is Jayesh Mehta, I live in Voorhees, NJ. I worked as auditor for the state of NJ for 32.5 years and am now retired since Nov. 30, 2013. My father, Shri. Trambakbhai Mehta (popularly known as T.U. Mehta ) is 98 years of age and is a retired Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh High Court in India. He is considered one of the authorities in Jainism and has written many books on various subjects - most of them relate to Philosophy and religion. He read a few of your books and we ordered a few books about 2 months ago. He is very much impressed by your writings and has asked me to send you the following message, as his eye sight is weak and he cannot hear. I am reproducing his letter to you below :

Respected Shantibhai,

My short introduction: I am a former Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh High Court, Simla. I will be completing 98 years of my life on Dec. 12, 2015 and currently residing with my children and grand children in the USA after my wife passed away last May. I have authored more than two dozen books on religions and political history - both in English and Gujarati. I have totally lost hearing power and also practically eye sight. However, my brain and body are as alert as ever.

Recently, I came across your publications regarding meditation. I am very much impressed by your analysis and logical thinking process. I would like to meet you at your convenience. I think that your suggestions will completely suite my circumstances.

Respectfully, with regards,
T.U. Mehta.

Note: T.U. Mehta will be 100 years old in December 2107. He also wrote an introduction to Shanti's book, Zero is Infinity.


I began practicing yoga 12 years ago. Over the years, I sought with sincerity and openness, the teaching of a true Master teacher. I studied with many of America’s most well-known and popular teachers, in studio, at residential centers, through books, cards, workshops and travel.

I became a licensed massage therapist, seeking to understand the body/mind connection and help others. Ultimately I undertook 2 year intensive (500hr) training with a renowned American yoga scholar and practitioner. While some of my experiences were valuable and instrumental, none satisfied my heart. Often the mixed motivation and overload of information on the part of the teachers only left me more confused. Still, I continued in earnest.

Meeting and studying with Shanti Desai marks the end of my search and beginning of the real work of integrating yoga in my life. I urge you to read his words carefully and if you have the good fortune, fortitude and means, to study with him directly in Ocean City, NJ.

Christy Lewis,
North Carolina 2011
Registered Yoga teacher (RYT500), Licensed Massage Therapist.