Seminars, Consultations and Classes

Yogi Desai is available for private classes and consultationsThe Shanti Yoga Institute opened in Ocean City, NJ in 1974. At that time it was run as an Ashram (communal yoga living). Back in the 70’s when many students were seeking spirituality, there were many classes and seminars and Sunday evening Satsang and celebrations open to the public.

Trends have changed over the years. The institute was a thriving community in the 1970s when yoga first came to the West, and people were seeking mantra and devotional yoga. Later students became more interested in meditation and eastern philosophy. In the 1980s alternative healing became prominent and students were interested in mysticism, crystals, macrobiotic diets and subliminal music. Today’s trends are toward brand name yoga and physical fitness. Yoga has become more business oriented with students looking for certifications in certain brands of yoga.

Although the Institute in Ocean City is no more, Yogi Shanti’s message has remained the same throughout the years, regardless of popular trends. His primary goal is personal transformation through dynamic balanced living and selfless service. Shanti’s students range from young students first learning about yoga to students who have known Shanti and have used his books for thirty five years and continue to return for personal guidance and inspiration.


Consultation is available to individuals, couples, families and groups. Students usually come for consultation with health, financial, relationship and social problems, as well as issues with personal loss, tragedy, divorces or death. Many students come when they are overwhelmed, confused, lost and need direction to balance their life.

Shanti has learned human psychology by teaching and advising students for years and living and applying yoga principles to daily life. When teaching, he uses a combination of yoga positions, dietary and herbal guidance, cleansing techniques, fasting, breathing, relaxation and meditation.

Shanti offers a practical application of meditation and Vedanta philosophies. This holistic approach aims to harmonize the student’s body, mind and spirit. By seeing the situation clearly, the student can take responsibility of their own life and remove the root causes instead of just superficial removal of symptoms.

Yoga Classes

Mondays from 6:15 to 7:30 pm
For dedicated students by previous appointment only. (No walk-ins due to limited space.)

Private Classes
Private classes are generally available at any day and time as it fits in Shanti’s schedule. Shanti recommends private classes in the following situations.

  • Those who are new to Yoga. With a few sessions, Shanti can explain and guide the student at a personal level to integrate yoga practice in daily life. After the basic understanding, they can benefit from the group classes.
  • Those who are in the group classes can take private class from time to time to get guidance in personal practice.
  • Those who have variable schedule and can not commit to group classes.
  • Those who have special needs or handicaps and need special attention and guidance.
  • Those who want personalized intensive training and want to customize a personal routine.
  • Those who need guidance to integrate physical, mental, emotional and social aspects in their lives.
  • Those who want to become yoga teachers to enhance personal practice and serve the society with love.
  • Those who are currently teaching yoga, to enhance their personal growth.
  • Those who have studied yoga with various teachers and want to gain deeper insight and understanding of authentic yoga for personal transformation.

$45 for one $65 for couple

Contact us for more information.


Yogi Shanti DesaiSeminar topics include Self-realization, dynamic balanced living, personal transformation, active meditation, passive meditation, unconditional love, selfless service and spiritual awakening. Discussions, sharing and guidance are a part of each seminar, providing a unique experience. Shanti teaches some deeper practical philosophies from the scriptures, sings and interprets devotional songs (Bhajans) of the saints, mantra chanting and meditation. Most students relate to the topic of discussion and derive collective inspiration. Shanti throws light on the topics that have been shared with practical philosophy.

Semainar dates and locations will vary. Check Shanti's blog for seminar times and dates.

Advanced Teacher Training

Shanti is available to offer individualized intensive teacher training in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. The training is ideal for those who are interested in personal growth and want to use teaching as a service. Teaching can provide inspiration to enhance one’s own personal evolution. With years of teaching experience, Shanti can provide quick and effective tools to produce dynamic teachers.

Many yoga teachers who have attained Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200 and 500 hour teaching certificates and are actively teaching yoga come to Shanti frequently for personal inspiration and teaching guidance.

Shanti was awarded the RYT –500 hours certificate by Yoga Alliance. His books are used as textbooks by various organizations. They provide information and guidance for all aspects of teacher training. Shanti trains teachers at the personal level by teaching them scientific theories and practical training. Teachers are allowed in all his programs and gain experience by substitute teaching under his supervision. He assigns them appropriate reading of his textbooks and other scriptures that cover all aspects of yoga. He explains the inner depth of philosophy for personal transformation and teaching techniques to be an effective teacher. Teachers have the opportunity to consult him for guidance whenever necessary.


Yogi Shanti Desai Yogi Shanti Desai and  teacher training in Iceland in 1998
Yogi Shanti Desai leads teacher training in Iceland in 1998

Many organizations have heavy publicity that attracts teachers looking to gain a certification (label) so they can open their own studio and make money. Many such organizations offer teaching certificates that are taught in large groups and include mostly the physical aspects of Yoga, intellectual philosophy and social activities. Such programs are expensive and involve sacrifices of time and energy. They provide second-hand diluted teaching. Trainers have limited exposure and experience and have not integrated yoga into their personal life.

Shanti has worked in partnership with yoga studios in Iceland annually for the past ten years. The teachers have large active studios and facilities to fulfill RYT 200 hour training requirements with their Icelandic teacher. Shanti’s textbooks are the main source of the curriculum. Teacher training in Iceland concludes with a seven to ten-day residential intensive training with Shanti before he presents them with their certificates.

Shanti is available for teacher training to existing yoga organizations. His teachings can compliment an organization’s current curriculum to create a holistic yoga training program.