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Yogi Shanti Desai and Peace Pilgrim, 1978
Yogi Desai hosts Peace Pilgrim at the Glassboro Ashram in 1978. Peace Pilgrim was a world-renowned spiritual teacher, mystic, pacifist, vegetarian and peace activist. Her book, Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words, was translated into 12 languages and in 2017 she was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame.

In the current age of Kali Yuga, we are overloaded with information. Those on the path to spiritual growth and well-being are exposed to all kinds of information on the internet, as well as books, videos, workshops, and the words of commercially oriented spiritual leaders and their organizations.

Most sources stimulate the mind temporarily, hypnotize us, and promote illusions and escapes. Masses of people become blind followers, convert to one ideology or another, and undertake mechanical disciplines, dogmas, and rituals. This results in frustration.

If you are humble, have an open heart and mind, and are willing to take responsibility for your life, you should approach a living master who is selfless and teaches from personal experience. This can transform your life. Only a lighted candle can light other candles. A spiritual master can awaken you with his presence, compassion, and a few words of wisdom.

Yogi Shanti Desai is modern day revolutionary yoga master. He has practiced yoga his entire life and has taught many thousands of students over the past 50 years. He has successfully integrated material, social, and spiritual life, and has written 16 books on various aspects of yoga and spiritual philosophy. His teachings are at once ancient, contemporary, highly practical, and holistic. Shanti guides students to confront rather than escape the challenges of everyday life, while simultaneously growing within.

Yogi Desai’s message is universal and suitable for students of all ages, professions, and religious backgrounds. His core teachings encourage students to grow in self love and wisdom, and generate a surplus of health, money, and time as needed for the spiritual journey.

“I wish to be instrumental in waking up groups and individuals with personal guidance to transform their lives. Spiritual wisdom is the best and longest lasting gift that one can offer. Sharing the wisdom gives me the greatest joy. I like to interact with groups of students, reach them at their level with compassion, and guide them with my lifetime of experiences.” -Yogi Shanti Desai

Yogi Shanti Desai Yogi Shanti Desai and  teacher training in Iceland in 1998
Yogi Shanti Desai leads teacher training in Iceland in 1998


  • Accept yourself. You are perfect here and now. Awaken from cosmic illusion (Maya). Bliss is our essential basic nature. Realize it by being still.
  • Be empty. Think clearly, think out of the box, think creatively, and make a quantum leap.
  • Be clear about your primary goal and direction in life. Learn to use secondary goals as means to achieve your primary goal.
  • Let go of past conditioning, illusions of future, and escapes in the present. Be self-reliant. Learn to live in the present and to flow with life.
  • Balance secondary goals of health, prosperity and time by using wisdom. Create surplus. Make a quantum leap to success instead of getting caught in unnecessary disciplines.
  • World is a school. Learn to balance material and spiritual life.
  • Make friendship with your body and mind. Integrate thought, speech and action to transform life.
  • Learn meditation to become introverted. Quiet the mind and experience bliss.
  • Learn to apply breathing and awareness during your active day. Use spiritual reflections as an undercurrent to guide your life. Allow life to become meditation.
  • You are the co-creator of your destiny. Project your reality by visualization, taming the subconscious mind, and using affirmations. Make a quantum leap to material and spiritual success.
  • Learn self hypnosis and affirmations to reprogram the brain, change your lifestyle, reduce impulsive habits, and manage health, money and time.
  • Reach unconscious mind to remove negative conditioning (Sanskaras). Enjoy life with freedom and bliss.

To inquire about pricing and availability, contact Yogi Shanti Desai directly at info@yogishantidesai.com and (609)-380-7944.