Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning and goal of yoga?
Yoga means to integrate the body, mind and spirit to expand and find harmony with the universe. It is accomplished by using the heart, head or energy as a predominant means. The popular yoga is a part of Raja yoga or Hatha yoga. Popular yoga studios and the news media mostly focus on the physical body instead of total holistic yoga. The general public gets the impression that yoga is about exercises for physical fitness.

I am confused by publicity regarding many brand name yogas. Please explain.
The current trend during last twenty years has been to name the yoga after the name of the founder of an organization for publicity and make their style special. Most of the popular brand names may not be holistic yoga. The brand name mostly mean a specific sequence or set number of yoga positions. Many of them lack fundamental yoga positions, breathing, nutrition, cleansing, relaxation and spiritual philosophy that integrate body, mind and spirit.

How can I choose a yoga studio out of so many available in my neighborhood?
If you are choosing yoga for an occasional workout, as a social activity or escape you can join any spa or community center where it is offered. If you want to study authentic yoga and want to transform your life, look out for a qualified and experienced teacher, who teaches the total aspects of yoga, which includes yoga positions, breathing, cleansing, diet, relaxation and practical philosophy. Choose a person that has taught for many years and has integrated yoga into their life.

What kind of Yoga do you teach?
I teach authentic and holistic yoga which has no brand name. I had been teaching long before the brand names became popular. I teach at the student’s level and provide all tools to balance their body, energy, mind and spirit.

How long have you been teaching and practicing?
I have been practicing my entire life and teaching since 1966. I am dedicated to full time teaching since 1972.

How much do Yoga classes cost?
Group classes are $60 for 5 consecutive lessons, $20 per class for drop-ins.
$45 for a private session or consultation for one, $65 for couple. Special discounts for entire family or groups.

How much experience at yoga do I need?
One does not need any previous experience. One needs an open mind and an open heart to receive guidance. One needs to study the textbooks, practice and ask questions.

What ages are appropriate for your classes?
One can practice yoga at any age. Yoga is to make friendship with yourself. Group classes cater to adults. Children and adults with special needs may benefit from private classes. Grown children can accompany parents in the group classes.

I’m recovering from an injury; can I take your class?
Yoga is to work on yourself at your own level and make friendship with yourself. The instructor can guide you. Private sessions are recommended for personal attention.

Can I take your class if I am pregnant?
It is safe to practice total yoga up to the first three months of pregnancy. After that one can practice selective positions but can continue with breathing, relaxation, meditation and philosophies that nurture you and the fetus. Yoga classes can be resumed after the childbirth to shape up.

Is Yoga a religion?
Yoga is a science and an art of living and is suitable to persons of all faiths. Its goal is parallel to all religions. It will strengthen your faith by providing a personal experience.

How does yoga relieve stress?
Yoga has been proven scientifically to reduce stress and enhance the healing process.
Yoga includes stretching, breathing, relaxation, proper nutrition and philosophy for holistic living. Collectively they strengthen your body and mind to withstand stress.

Can yoga cure disease?
Yoga is designed for prevention of diseases and maintenance of good health. Superficial problems, such as weight management, back pain, arthritis, insomnia and stress- related diseases are improved quickly. Yoga builds immunity and speeds up the healing process. Chronic diseases cannot be cured by yoga practices. However, a total yoga practice prepares you to improve the quality of your life and cope with problems.