Testimonials for Shanti Desai's Teachings

I began practicing yoga 12 years ago. Over the years, I sought with sincerity and openness, the teaching of a true Master teacher. I studied with many of America’s most well-known and popular teachers, in studio, at residential centers, through books, cards, workshops and travel.

I became a licensed massage therapist, seeking to understand the body/mind connection and help others. Ultimately I undertook 2 year intensive (500hr) training with a renowned American yoga scholar and practitioner. While some of my experiences were valuable and instrumental, none satisfied my heart. Often the mixed motivation and overload of information on the part of the teachers only left me more confused. Still, I continued in earnest.

Meeting and studying with Shanti Desai marks the end of my search and beginning of the real work of integrating yoga in my life. I urge you to read his words carefully and if you have the good fortune, fortitude and means, to study with him directly in Ocean City, NJ.

Christy Lewis,
North Carolina 2011
Registered Yoga teacher (RYT500), Licensed Massage Therapist

In a world of overwhelming information; what should you learn? Who can you trust? Everyone is looking for peace of mind but they don’t know where to go. Twenty years ago I spent an evening meditating with Shanti Desai. After the class I started feeling different,” more at peace”, if you will. I met a man truly interested in my well-being. In fact his joy comes from teaching others. If anyone gets the privilege of being in his presence, this peaceful transference will occur. Shanti Desai’s only reason for being is to serve others, while serving himself. He walks the walk and talks the talk. So what are you waiting for? Obtain the information that this man has dedicated his entire life to achieve. Enjoy this book along with many others, and find your peace. Thanks Shanti, thank you so very much!

Randy Millman.
Businessman, Author of “Handbook for Happiness”

Yogi Shanti Desai is a genius. What Einstein and Steven Hawking have done for material world , Shanti offers to the spiritual world. The only condition is that one is open to receive and the will to practice, evolve and expand. His message is one of bitter truth. Take responsibility for yourself, stop making excuses or blaming others and be aware of life’s lessons. He teaches you to relate to yourself and others in a positive revolutionary way. Shanti’s name means “Peace” and he is peace. For last 7 years, he has taught me how to use mind, body and spirit as tools to explore and experience inner tranquility. Shanti has been instrumental in educating and inspiring me to practice, focus on my duty and flow with life.

He is the kindest, most compassionate person I have ever met. I believe he is God’s angel on earth.

Tom Pullman
Showboat Valet Coordinator